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5 Awesome Wedding Day Tips For The Groom To Be!

Learn from 5 guys whom have navigated this road before you.

1. Give yourself some alone time

Harry R. suggests all grooms plan to have at least a little time entirely on their own before the ceremony starts. "Your wedding day is going to be spent with every close friend and family member and you know how your mum gets. You'll be smiling for pictures all day and really won't get any time for yourself," he explains. "Even if you have to wake up early, take the time to be alone and really soak in the day and what is about to happen. You're going to be a husband! It's a huge deal."

2. Get ready to smile.

"Your mouth is going to hurt from smiling so much," Spencer K. laughs. While he'skind ofjoking, there is some truth to the amount of smiling you need to be ready for. "We were in our getaway car on the way to our honeymoon, and I felt like I was in pain from talking to everyone and smiling for so many pictures. There's really nothing you can do about that, but now you can't say no one told you!"

3. Eat before you forget.

If there's one essential piece of advice Greg F. wishes someone had told him, it's to eat whenever you get the chance to. "You'll be so busy running around and doing little things to get ready, and you'll completely forget to eat anything that day," he explains. "Make sure your best man is watching out for you and keeps you hydrated and eating."

4. Follow the plan.

You've been planning for months, and now is the time to execute. Tyler W. says you absolutely have to stick to the game plan you came up with. "Now is not the time to try any last minute ideas as far as wedding planning goes," he adds. "The last thing you would want is for your spouse to be surprised by something that was not planned ahead of time."

5. Get your rest.

"Try to get some rest the night before," says John T. "It sounds simple enough, but you don't realize how busy the day is going to be. Try not to go too crazy the night before so you'll be ready on the morning of."

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